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Red Out Bioactive Calming Foam Aloe Tattoo 220ml



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Soapy solution – free of PEG, sulphates and preservatives – composed of naturally occurring tensile-active agents and bio-active agents from the Chamomile flower (organic farming), which give the foam a remarkable soothing and sanitizing effect on irritated skin during and at the end of the tattoo process. IDEAL FOR THE PERFECT FINISHING OF THE TATTOO BEFORE THE PHOTOGRAPH.
Instructions for use: apply the foam generated by 1-2 pulses on the previously moistened skin, during the “stops” in the tattoo and at the end of it. Massage gently with your fingertips. Let the product act for at least 2 minutes. Rinse with water and dry with tissue paper towels without rubbing the skin. 220mL bottle. with foam dispenser.