Finger tattoos

Finger tattoos
Sam Smith


We all love finger tattoos, but they don’t just look good on your fingers – they look very cool everywhere! Some lettering on the top of the finger can look cool, but did you know some symbols on the top can look just as effective? You’ll love it!

You don’t necessarily need to tattoo just the top either, they also look so nice on the sides of the fingers, it’s very common for females to get a little heart tattooed on the side of the finger and it looks so cute.
But did you know, a finger tattoo is one of the tattoos which fades the most?

These are typically the kind of tattoos which last the shortest amount of time. It will depend on the skin type tattooed however, each person is different. It’s very common to see a finger tattoo lasting longer on one person than the next, we never really know whose skin is best until the tattoo process actually starts. As a finger tattoo is not the hardest to tattoo, it’s not too concerning or difficult for the artist if the skin isn’t in good shape.

There is a complex process to follow when getting a tattoo. It’s not as simple as turning up on the day of your appointment, getting the tattoo and then thinking that’s it! The entire process actually starts 15 days before your tattoo appointment, it’s at this point when you should start moisturising your skin daily and taking good care of it. This ensures the skin won’t brake more than it should once the artist gets to work.

Considering the lead up to your appointment, your actual appointment and what follows after, this is when the healing process starts. Here’s where it’s possible to run into trouble. The healing process is going to have a big impact on the final result of your tattoo. It’s quite tricky to follow the healing process with a finger tattoo as the following steps should be taken:
– Keep your tattoo covered for 48 hours with cling film.
– Wash your tattoo with soap and water 3 times a day and re-cover.
– After 48 hours remove the cling film and start applying a thin layer of balm.
– Wash and apply the balm for 2 weeks (be sure not to wash your hands a hundred times a day, you need to care for the tattoo).
– You should not stretch your skin as this will cause it to bleed which will result in your tattoo losing colour.

– There is a bit more info you can check under the Tattoo Aftercare section on our blog.

As you can see it’s very complicated to follow the healing process with a finger tattoo because we often stretch the skin here, wash our hands regularly and it’s also very complicated to keep your fingers covered for almost 48 h.
Without being able to follow the proper healing process the end result of your finger tattoo won’t be as good and most of the tattoo will fade in the weeks or months following. Compared to a tattoo in any other area of the body, it won’t compete, as a tattoo on your arm or leg for example will last for years without needing any touch up.
With that said, if your occupation is that of a hairstylist, chef or any vocation where you are in direct contact with a continued water supply, chemicals or anything that can damage your skin we do not recommend that you tattoo your fingers as you have to keep your skin moisturised and healthy in order to maintain the conditions for a good tattoo.


Yes, you read it right! We’ve stopped tattooing the sides of fingers as the average lasting time was something between two and three months. Most customers were coming back after this time frame for a touch up. So we decided to stop doing this altogether. We’ve recently been discussing the possibility of stopping any finger tattoos as they are prone to fading fast as it’s almost impossible to follow the healing process properly.
Nowadays at Smiley Dogg Tattoo we don’t recommend that our customers get their fingers tattooed but if they’re still insisting, then we won´t do any touch ups free of charge, it will always be the customers responsibility to follow the aftercare steps and each time they return for a touch up on a finger tattoo there will be a charge.


Being very careful with the healing process and continuing to take care of your skin, should result in your finger tattoo being okay. It will still last less than a tattoo in any other place on the body but at least it could last for a few years. “PROVIDED YOU HANDLE