Microblading at Smiley Dogg

At Smiley Dogg Tattoo, microblading creates beautifully defined brows that frame your face with precision and style.

What is Microblading?

Instead of using a traditional tattoo gun, microblading requires the use of a small tool with teeny, tiny needles. These needles are used to manually draw delicate hair strokes while also depositing pigment under your skin.

What are Phibrows?

PhiBrows are a Microblading procedure, so still a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that uses a tiny blade dipped in pigment to “draw” hair strokes into the brow. However, the training for PhiBrows is 100 times more informative, detailed and specific than regular Microblading training.

What are Combination Brows?

Combo brows are a combination of two forms of semi-permanent techniques: microblading and powder brows (shading). Microblading hair-strokes are placed with a manual tool around the border of the brow to give the brow a natural look. The powder effect is applied to the body of the brow using a permanent makeup device to give the brow its fullness.