Brahim Jadur Sepúlveda is a tattoo artist and artistic illustrator. Born on June 6, 1989, in Santiago de Chile, his interest in tattooing dates back to 2010 when he made his first attempts at tattooing, sporadically and as an amateur. It was that year that he decided to pursue a career in artistic illustration to enhance his skills. He undertook these studies alongside tattooing, which paved the way for him in terms of visuals, art, and imagery, as well as the technical tools he gradually incorporated into tattooing, creating designs, and illustrations.


In 2016, he graduated as an Artistic Illustrator, allowing him to dedicate himself to tattooing professionally and make it his full-time occupation. Regarding tattooing, his focus has always been on creating highly personalised images. He usually works based on two approaches: one that incorporates the client's ideas and concepts into the image development as a specific request, and another where he feels more comfortable, which is tattooing his own illustrations as his own work. He enjoys incorporating elements of fantasy, surrealism, dark art, anatomy, and abstract art. Preferring to work in black and grey, occasionally adding some colour.