Born in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, drawing entered Edgar's life at a very young age through graffiti and oil painting classes, much like any other child. Tattooing became a passion when his older sister got her first tattoo, sparking a clear vocation. Starting in 2008, Edgar began tattooing sporadically while juggling other jobs. By 2016, he decided to fully dedicate himself to tattooing, working with studios in his city. In 2018, he established his own studio, which he ran until the end of 2023, when he decided to close it and move to Cork, seeking the experience of living abroad and pursuing constant evolution. Throughout his journey, he travelled as a guest artist around multiple studios in Spain, enabling him to meet and collaborate with some of his tattooing idols. Specialising in Dark/Terror themes, his work focuses on Black and Grey realism/hyperrealism with high contrast.