Since Samantha was a child, she drew and attended drawing courses and competitions, which made her want to secure her place in the tattoo world. When she was 27 years old, she started with her own small shop in Santiago, Chile. After a year, she abandoned that small project and started tattooing on her own, traveling within Latin America to visit other studios and attending conventions and seminars by tattoo artists such as Victor Portugal & Victor Chill, amongst others. All this would form the path for what she wanted to achieve artistically. In 2018, she gathered the courage and travelled from Chile to Europe in order to get closer to art specifically by visiting important museums within the radius of Europe. Soaking up the beautiful Gothic and Baroque paintings and architecture of each city she always dreamed of visiting, it give way to her own Dark Gothic style that brings together the musical essence and style that she personally has carried since she was 12 years old. Today you can see the note of darkness reflected in each of her designs, as she continues to work and recharge herself.