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Aloe Tattoo Adhesive Protector Film Roll 15CMX10M



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Aloe Tattoo Film Protective acts immediately after the tattoo, protecting the wound from germs and bacteria, avoiding rubbing with clothes and controlling the fluids that occur during healing. The film is made of a very thin sheet that is waterproof, flexible and breathable, allowing the wound to oxygenate and allowing excess moisture to evaporate from the injury with the heat of the body. With an average tattoo size we have 60 to 80 uses with the roll, so approximately it would have a cost per tattoo of 0.30 euros.
How to use it: Aloe Tattoo film must be placed on the tattoo once clean, and it must be kept for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the fluids that the skin oozes. After this first application, the film is removed, the area is washed and a second film is reapplied, which can be kept from 48 hours to 5 days. Then it is convenient to moisturize the tattooed skin with Gold Bloom cream 4 times a day for at least 7 days.
When the Aloe Tattoo film has to be removed, the area must be moistened very well with water, and from a corner pull very slowly until it is completely removed. Avoid pulling to remove the film, since it will be very attached to the skin and can damage the area. It is very important to follow these tips for their correct use and that the results obtained are satisfactory.
Presentation: Roll of 15cmx10m.Product composition: Microperforated polyurethane with hypoallergenic transparent adhesive that allows skin to transpire. It does not contain latex. Premium quality. Manufactured by Aloe Tattoo.