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Tattoo Cover-Ups

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Whether you want to get rid of an old tattoo, a tattoo which no longer has meaning or a tattoo from that drunken night, then Tattoo Cover-Ups are always a good option.

Not all tattoos can be covered as they are. Sometimes we can not cover them if the customer does not undergo some laser sessions first. Once the customer has completed the laser sessions we can then  cover It.

Not all designs are suitable for cover ups.

Your old tattoo will determine if a cover up is possible.

A tattoo can only be covered by using solid colour or solid black. Depending on the size of your new design will determine if the cover up is possible.

The best way to determine if your tattoo can be covered up is to come by the studio and show your existing tattoo to one of our artists. We can then have a chat about your idea and see whether or not it´s possible.

Cover Up


Cover Up


Stop obsessing over that bad tattoo, we can help you!

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