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Enveloped Aloe Tattoo Adhesive Protector Film



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Aloe Tattoo Film Protective acts immediately after the tattoo, protecting the wound from germs and bacteria, avoiding rubbing with clothes and controlling the fluids that occur during healing. The film is made of a very thin sheet that is waterproof, flexible and breathable, allowing the wound to oxygenate and allowing excess moisture to evaporate from the injury with the heat of the body. Presentation: Envelope with 5 sheets of 15cx10cm. Composition of the product: Microperforated polyurethane with hypoallergenic transparent adhesive that allows the perspiration of the skin. It does not contain latex. Premium Quality Manufactured by Aloe Tattoo. TIPS FOR USE: SEE ALOE TATTOO ADHESIVE PROTECTOR FILM ROLL (REFERENCE 5705003).