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A groundbreaking formula crafted without any preservatives or petroleum derivatives.

Experience the powerful blend of premium Organic Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), meticulously designed to deeply moisturise, protect, and support the natural healing of freshly inked skin.

Our commitment to purity extends to our formula, which is completely free from preservatives and petroleum-based ingredients.

Delicately scented with hypoallergenic perfume and balanced with a skin-friendly pH, our cream is gentle yet effective.

Embrace the future with our Airless In-air technology: Each press of the AIRLESS CONTAINER's pump creates a vacuum, ensuring a constant force on an internal piston. This innovative design propels the cream upward, preventing any contact with air, thereby avoiding oxidation and microbial contamination. This keeps the cream in perfect condition, preserving its efficacy for when you need it.