Styles: Black & Grey Realism
Languages: Spanish & English
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Born in the picturesque landscapes of Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Edgar’s artistic journey began at a tender age, initially fueled by graffiti and oil painting classes. The transformative moment arrived when his older sister adorned herself with a tattoo, sparking a revelation about his true calling. In 2008, he took his first steps into the world of tattooing, albeit sporadically, while juggling various occupations.

The turning point occurred in 2016 when he decided to immerse himself fully in the art of tattooing, collaborating with studios in the city. By 2018, he took a bold leap by establishing his own studio. However, my insatiable thirst for growth led him to close the studio at the end of 2023, seeking new horizons in Cork, Ireland, and embracing the challenges of living abroad.

Throughout his journey, he’s had the privilege of travelling as a guest artist for esteemed studios in Spain, providing opportunities to collaborate with some of his tattooing idols. Specialising in the Dark/Terror theme, his artistic signature is rooted in Black and Grey realism/hyperrealism, characterised by high contrast. His work reflects a constant evolution, mirroring his unwavering commitment to the craft and passion for pushing artistic boundaries.

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