Rook Piercings

Rook Piercings
Sam Smith

In the world of body art and self-expression, piercings have become more than just a trend; they’re a means of personal storytelling. The rook piercing stands out for its unique placement and captivating aesthetic. Nestled in the ear’s cartilage, this piercing has gained popularity for its blend of edginess and elegance. A rook piercing is a cool and trendy type of ear piercing that’s becoming increasingly popular these days.

The rook piercing takes its name from the anatomical structure it passes through: the antihelix, a ridge of cartilage in the upper ear. Rook piercings involve puncturing the cartilage of the ear’s antihelix, making it a slightly more complex process than standard earlobe piercings. Due to the thicker cartilage, it’s crucial to choose a skilled and experienced piercer to ensure a safe and relatively painless procedure. 

Want to know more about the process? 

The piercer will sanitise the area and mark the entry and exit points for the piercing. With the ear secured, the piercer will use a sterilized needle to create the hole. The needle is typically curved to follow the natural contour of the ear’s antihelix. Once the hole is made, the piercer will insert a suitable piece of jewellery, often a captive bead ring or a curved barbell, into the freshly pierced hole. After the piercing is complete, the piercer will provide detailed aftercare instructions to prevent infection and ensure proper healing.Proper aftercare is essential to facilitate the healing process and prevent complications.

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