Taking care of your tattoos in Summer

Taking care of your tattoos in Summer
Sam Smith

It’s absolutely crucial to take care of your tattoos during the summer. Tattoos are like wearable pieces of art that showcase your personality, creativity, and unique style. They’re beautiful, meaningful, and deserve all the love and attention they can get. And when it comes to the summer season, it’s even more important to give your tattoos the care they need to keep them vibrant and looking fabulous.

First and foremost, the summer sun can be both a blessing and a curse for your tattoos. While it’s nice to soak up some rays, excessive sun exposure can be detrimental to your tattoo’s health. UV rays can fade the colours and cause the tattoo to lose it’s vibrancy over time. So, protecting your tattoo from the sun is paramount!

How can you protect your tattoos in summer? Here are some useful tips that will help to keep your tattoo looking as it should.

  1. Sunscreen, Invest in a high-quality sunscreen with a high SPF (the higher the better, we recommend factor 50) and apply it generously over your tattooed area. Make sure to reapply every few hours, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. This protective layer will shield your tattoo from those harmful UV rays, ensuring its colours stay true and vibrant.
  2. Seek shade whenever possible and limit direct sun exposure, as excessive sunlight can damage your tattoo!
  3. Stay hydrated: Hydrated skin is happy skin, and happy skin means a happy tattoo! Drink plenty of water to keep your skin nourished and moisturized from the inside out. Well-hydrated skin is less prone to dryness and cracking, which can damage your tattoo’s appearance.
  4. Be cautious with swimming as chlorine and saltwater can dry out your skin and cause your tattoo’s colours to fade. Rinse off after swimming and gently pat your tattoo dry..
  5. Moisturize, keeping your tattoo moisturized during the summer is essential. Choose a fragrance-free, gentle moisturizer or tattoo-specific aftercare product and apply it regularly. Moisturizing helps keep your skin supple, enhances the tattoo’s colours, and prevents dryness or flaking.
  6. Opt for loose-fitting, breathable clothing to avoid friction and irritation against your tattoo. Tight clothing can lead to scabbing or fading.
  7. Avoid tanning beds, as they can quickly fade your tattoo due to intense UV exposure.

By following these simple but essential tips, you can ensure your tattoo remains a vibrant work of art all summer long and beyond. Remember, your tattoo is a reflection of who you are, so treat it with care, and it will continue to be a source of joy and self-expression for years to come. Embrace the summer vibes and rock your ink proudly!