Most painful places to get tattooed

Most painful places to get tattooed
Sam Smith

Don’t worry! we have all googled: “Most painful places to get tattooed”

If you have ever considered getting a tattoo, but are afraid of the thought of the painful process and all that comes with choosing the exact location to get tattooed, you will definitely want to keep on reading. In this article, we will be taking a look at the most painful areas to get tattooed as well as the least painful ones to help you out when it comes to choosing where you want to get inked.

Why is it painful getting Tattooed?

We all know that getting tattoos can hurt in certain instances. Tattoos, after all, are all about inserting a very small needle into your skin a high number of times, so needless to say, it’ll hurt for many! However, it doesn’t have to be the case. A tattoo artist with the right technique under his or her wing will know just what to do to limit the damage and make you more comfortable.

Indeed, if you are worried or stressed, you are more likely to tense up, and that alone can make it difficult to relax enough for the pain to go away. And, keep in mind that although some feel pain, others have absolutely no problem with it when it comes to tattoos!

Tattooed Once or Tattooed All Over – We Are Not All the Same!

The first thing to cover is that the pain felt will be very different for males and females. We all have a different anatomy, and therefore, we all feel pain differently as well. For females, the most pain occurs in the elbow area, around the lips, the upper chest (or the collarbones), on the sternum, the nipples, the rib cage, the belly button area, the knees, tibias, as well as the feet.

The wrists also tend to be rather tender places to be tattooed, similar to the inner thigh, feet, and behind the knees. Now, this may make it sound as though everywhere is painful, but that’s actually not the case! Take a look at the following infographic that we have created below. The pain scale will also give you an idea of just how much a body part will hurt compared to other locations.



As you can see from the graph above, that still leaves you with many places to get tattooed if you are worried about the pain! Other painful places are the armpit, which has by far seen anecdotal evidence as being mentioned as the most painful area. Other places like the rib cage, the top of the throat as well as the nipples and breasts can also be very painful areas because the skin is very thin in such areas.


For men, the story is different. However, men typically have a lower pain threshold, and therefore certain tattoos can be quite painful. Look at the chart we have created below:




From the above, you’ll see that most of the back is rather painful in comparison. For men, the groin area can be very painful when it comes to tattoos because of the numerous nerve endings found in that area. Therefore, keep this in mind. The back of the legs can also be difficult to deal with.


Don’t forget however, that tattoo pain is very subjective.  As we’ve already pointed out pain levels to men and women will differ, and can be impacted by many factors i.e injuries, surgeries, muscle definition etc. Therefore it’s important that you gauge how a tattoo will hurt based on your own tolerance level and experience with pain.


In any case, you can always ask your tattoo artist for his or her opinion on the areas that are likely to hurt. So make sure to ask ahead! You can contact the studio with any of your questions here