Everything you need to know about cover up tattoos

Everything you need to know about cover up tattoos
Sam Smith

Cover Up tattoos are the act of permanently tattooing over an already visible tattoo by altering the existing design with an eye-opening better one, or by bettering a fading tattoo or one that doesn’t look just right. It’s typically viewed as being one of the two alternatives to eliminating an existing unwanted tattoo; the second alternative being laser tattoo removal. Cover-up tattoos are generally cheaper than permanent tattoo removal, and they are quite a bit less painful or tedious to do.  

Removing the Tattoo

If you want laser removal, you’d better plan on spending at least several hundred euros for it and allowing for months of patience. But even so, not everyone can deal with laser treatment because of its painful nature and the very lengthy process it entails. So what’s the alternative then? Cover-up tattoos are less expensive than laser treatments and can be easily afforded by just about anyone.

And, what’s better? You get to choose an amazing new design to cover up something you didn’t like before. Indeed, going for a cover-up tattoo will leave you with amazing designs, a great feeling of having new art on your body, and just enough left over in the bank to plan your next tattoo.

Cover Up

Now you need to find someone who can ink your skin and cover up the initial tattoo you dislike. Finding a good cover-up tattoo artist can be a very difficult task. The main reason for this is because not all artists are reliable or know what they are doing– and so, you may need to do quite a bit of research on this.

But don’t worry! We have some tips on how to find the right tattoo artist and shop for you. Just to give you an idea, you need to make sure you find a tattoo artist who has a readily available portfolio, someone you feel comfortable with, and a shop that is aligned with the kind of art that you want. It’s not always possible to cover an existing tattoo however,  so make sure you get the correct advise from  your artist once they’ve seen the current piece in person.  



Colours? Black and White?

Another option you could consider is to cover up your tattoos with different colours of ink. In fact, you could choose to change the colour completely. Your tattoo doesn’t have to be black or green, you can opt for something more colourful, enticing, and more artistic. However, the variety of choices you have in regards to the colours you can use will also be affected by your pre-existing tattoo, so make sure to ask your tattoo artist before you make a decision.

A benefit to cover up tattoos is that there are many different designs available, and these are all customizable based on what you like. You can get as simple or as artistic of a cover up as you want, all depending on your pre-existing tattoo of course. If you want to go all out, you can find some cover up tattoos that are so detailed and extensive that they actually cover up the entire limb. In other words, nothing is impossible with the right artist for your project!

Ultimately, we all make mistakes. If you have a tattoo that makes you uncomfortable, why wait any longer? You don’t want to end up with something on your body that doesn’t represent who you are, or something you’re embarrassed about, so make sure to get it fixed with something beautiful like a cover-up tattoo! Check out our FAQ section for some further info https://smileydogg.com/tattoo-cover-ups/