Needles or gun piercings

Needles or gun piercings
Sam Smith

Piercings are quite fun to do and to get done, even if they may hurt a little bit. Just ask any piercing fanatic: the idea of having a new one is something that can even become addictive! Of course, we mean this in a joking way. In any case, piercings are a fun way to express yourself without having the permanent nature of tattoos. After all, if you are sick of the piercing, you can easily just take it off! However, over the past few years, certain questions have come up regarding the process of piercing, namely whether it should be done with a gun or a needle. Well, let’s talk about the consensus. 

Let’s Talk About Safety

Needless to say that when it comes to piercings and tattoos, one thing should always be at the back of your mind: the safety of the process. This is also why we urge you to find a place that is clearly hygienic and that can tell you exactly how they keep it all very clean. When it comes to piercing guns, they can be much more difficult to clean than single needles. On top of this, guns are well-known for being a less-safe alternative for many reasons.

Similarly, although they are very accessible, convenient, affordable and faster than other kinds of piercings, they really aren’t all that safe. They tend to be very messy as well. Although antiseptic pads can be used to clean the gun, it isn’t enough to remove the blood particles of the previous client, which presents a very serious health risk. 

Tissue Damage

A piercing gun is something that creates a blunt trauma to your tissues. This is because, like any gun, there is an incredible amount of force and pressure being shot through your tissues. Therefore, if, for example, you get a piercing in the upper ear, the gun’s blunt force can actually shatter the cartilage. 

Little Training Required

To use a piercing gun, the person operating it usually doesn’t need much training. For example, those who use them at the mall or in booths will only undergo around two weeks of training. Therefore, the safety aspect comes into question– tattoo and piercing artists go through years of teaching and training because, after all, these marks will stay around forever. Thus, go for the needle instead, it allows one to have a much safer experience. These guns are also very loud and can therefore shock the customer, which can cause them to move, especially if the little trained employee isn’t trained to warn the client. 

Needles Are Cleaner and Less Painful

On the other hand, needles are only used once and therefore are a much cleaner alternative. You don’t have someone else’s fluids on you and therefore you are much safer on that end. The instruments can also be sterilised easily. Those operating such piercings are much better trained as they will go through the proper techniques, training regarding controlling infections, and ensuring that the customer can properly heal. Finally, an employee also learns how to avoid hitting painful nerves. With needles, you thus have a better experience for the fact alone that it is less painful and much more hygienic. 

 Need we say more? Reach out today to find out more about piercings with us! You can also click here to take a look at our resident piercers insane work. Alberto is characterised by his hygiene, detail and customer service, along with his energy and passion at work which makes him a close and reliable piercer. And naturally, all his piercings are undertaken with a needle.