Styles: BlackWork
Languages: Spanish, Italian, English
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Joan R. Casany, Hipos (graffiti writer name), was born in Valencia, Spain – 1990. A professional tattooer specialising in blackwork, traditional/neotrad and geometric designs. Influenced by underground music and culture, he started to paint graffiti at the beginning of 2002, and never stopped.

Tattooing professionally since 2015, but started in 2013. He had his first tattoo studio experience at TATUARTE VALENCIA (since May 2015), and moved to Ireland in January 2019, starting a new project with the Smiley Dogg Family. Now he remains a resident artist today, however he’s living between Ireland and Sardinia (Italy).

Since he decided to immerse himself in the blackwork and black traditional in 2017, he has found his own way, to express what he really wanted to do. Even so, he loves to do geometric tattoos and mandalas, as it helps him to keep focused and to feel chilled and disconnected from his usual work. He’s been expanding his knowledge and skills, learning from really nice tattoo artists (friends, masters, etc), and therefore, has a huge respect for the historical tradition of tattooing, paying special attention to the details, how they were doing everything, understanding every step, and trying to create his own style between this and the present day living.

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